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There was second number of magazine!!! There was a section " To get up to stars"

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Competition: " Ms. the Ball 2005"


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Here there is new number of magazine (the second!)


Greetings children!!! We welcome you in Children's the Internet-magazine "Ball" where you always will find much all interesting! For example: we have a library which is updated every week (and even more often). And still, certainly, magazine. Which appears monthly in the end of the last month (For example: January appears in the end of December). Well and many any trifles: biographies of stars ||| Congratulations ||| Seven miracles of light ||| Jokes ||| Rapid speeches...... Here there are questions, which you to me

   Here there are questions which you to me set:

      • What age at magazine?
        The answer: It has appeared on February, 2nd, 2005.

      • You gather give a new name magazine?
        The answer: No

     • What in the near future will appear on a site?
        The answer: Well, it is a lot of that! Riddles, logic задачки, fairy tales, stories, animations...

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Санька-Бешеный кролик! - детский журнал

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Animations from Liza

To get up to stars

Competition: " Ms. the Ball 2005 "

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Two small fishes float. One say....

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